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MaintManager ready to help you

MaintManager is your resource when you most need it. We deliver experts suitable in your needs, whenever there is a need, and you can concentrate on your core business. We take care, that you have the needed knowledge available.


With MaintManager, we are ready to help you in all expert level questions regarding to technical operations or industrial maintenance. Our core expertise is available to you, whenever you most need it, and you can use it flexible.

Service description

Definition of need
Offering and execution

From us, you are able get high quality service from individual hour to extended periods.

Most common utilizations

  • Maintenance Manager or Maintenance Planner for a certain period
  • Expert and supervising in project planning and delivery
  • Resource and recruitment planning
  • Industrial supervising
  • Strategy planning and execution
  • Outsourcing projects

Ask for more, and let’s plan together!

Vahva Maint Oy

Vahva Maint is a finnish based company, specialized to industrial maintenance, technical projects and technical service business.

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