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MaintRec for accurate recruitments

MaintRec is a tailored service for you, if your organisation is recruiting new technical staff and want to make sure that the technical capabilities of the recruited persons match your needs.


We are your partner in technical recruitments and make sure you hire only the persons that have the right technical abilities. Our technical assessments can be fully tailored to your needs in order to recruit the right persons.

In our MaintRec -assessments we first identify your technical requirements and needs after which we interview and and test the skills of the potential candidates with tailor-made tests that match the requirements of your organisation. After our evaluation we provide you with a full report on the candidate to help your decision-making and the induction period within your organisation.

We can test the potential new employees within these areas of expertise: mechanical, eletrical and automation maintenance, quality and safety.

Service Description

  1. Initial mapping of your requirements and test customization
  2. Interviews and tests to candidates
  3. Reports and consultancy

Most common utilizations

  • Building a technical organisation
  • Technical recruitments 
  • Headhunting of Management or Experts
  • Personnel training & development planning

Ask for more, and let’s customize our tests together to fullfill your needs!

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Vahva Maint is a finnish based company, specialized to industrial maintenance, technical projects and technical service business.

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